In May 2014 Rebelact will organise a serie of info nights about the present situation in Egypt. Maro, a female Egyptian activist and rebel clown, will give lectures on the recent developments... More


Creating unpredictable situations. Acting to rebel. Mirroring the ones in power.
Mixing activism, art, humour and media. Trying. Failing. Trying again. Doing better.
Contributing to another political cultural climate. Joining the movement for global justice.

Rebel Clowning Practice on the streets in the neighbourhood Kom ElDeka in Alexandria - November 2012

The Rebellious Red Nose Recruitment Tour returns to Egypt!

November 28th 2012 - One month after Amsterdam Rebel Clowns introduced the 'Rebel Clown Army' in Cairo and Mansoura, again trainers from Rebelact returned to Egypt. This time for an (extended) Basic Rebel Clown Training in Alexandria and an additional workshop in Cairo and much... More

Rebelclowns at the CirCairo festival, Cairo, October 2012

Marching and Laughing: the Rebel Clown Army reaches Egypt!

30 October 2012 - The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns have been invited to introduce the 'Rebel Clown Army' in Egypt. A week of performances, a presentation and a Basic Rebel Clown Training. Loads of interviews, media attention, problems and challenges. The Red Nose Arabic Spring in Egypt has only begun... More

Angels without borders landed near the Detention Centre Zaandam, December 18th 2011

Angels without borders landed near the Detention Centre Zaandam

December 18th 2011 - Today its International Migrants Day: the right moment for some rebel angels to migrate for a while from Heaven to one of the ugliest places on Earth: the parking lot in front of the Zaandam detention boats... More

the Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse defendending the bankers, Oct. 15th 2011

Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse

Saturday, Oct. 15th 2011 - People from all over the world were protesting - but in Amsterdam there was a small group 'defendending' the bankers, speculators and politicians: the Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse.
You could call them a 'sect', but they walked determinedly and prayed: "Save the Bankers! Save the Speculators! Save the politicians!"... More

International artists discover new tourist attraction Zaanse Schande, Sept. 22nd 2011

International artists discover new tourist attraction Zaanse Schande

Thursday Sept. 22nd 2011 - What a coincidence! Thursday Sept. 22nd, the day the Zaanstad city council decides about a development plan which allows the detention boats to stay there a few extra years, a group of international artists discovered the Zaanse Schande ('Zaanstad Disgrace'). A place which inspired them to paint in the afternoon and to have an improvised exposition in the night...More

Brig Clowns visiting the Zaandam Detention Centre July 5th 2011

'Celebrating' one month detention Zaandam with the Brig Clowns

August 5th 2011 - During the eviction round of Galery Schijnheilig Tuesday, July 5th 143 people were arrested. One month later, Friday August 5th there are still 3 people detained. Why? Because these courageous people still fight for the right to don't cooperate in your own conviction - the right to don't give a name. The answer from the ones in power: put them under heavy pressure and keep them jailed in the Zaandam Detention Centre... More

Undercover police at Kraken draait door demonstration, Amsterdam, 2011-07-03

A demonstration with clearly recognizable undercover police

July 3th 2011 - All right, one of the intentions of the demonstration "Kraken draait door" Sunday, July 3rd was to don't have police in the demonstration. But of course you'll need some undercover police to keep order! A great task for Inspector Green, Inspekteur Grün and Inspecteur Vert. Next to it there were some other colleagues in the demonstration, but it wasn't easy to find them... More

Queer Police

It's always 'Fun' with Police, Queer Police and Queers!

Saturday, June 18th 2011 - The "Unpredictable Bodies" workshops showed opportunities for the public action on Sunday, June 19th. This year the first edition of the "Queer Canal Pride, X-tra dry!".
The idea was to organize a critical parody about the mega commercial "Amsterdam Gay Pride"... More

G8 Leaders Fool's Pride

G8 Leaders Fool's Pride

May 26th 2011 - "G8 meets in Deauville, France: to solve the Financial Crisis?? the Food Crisis?? the Energy Crisis?? the Climate Crisis??

"When G8 Leaders are fooling around with the world, shouldn't we reclaim the city and our lives with FOOL RESPONSIBILITY?!"...More

National Bananas Front Demonstration, Ede, March 26th 2011

Demonstration 'National Bananas Front' in Ede

March 26th 2011 - Saturday, March 26th was a beautifooool day to launch the 'National Bananas Front' in Ede. Of course there was also a march of neo-nazi's. Shortly after 13.00 the leader of the Nederlandse Volks Unie (Dutch Peoples-Union) started his speech. But it didn't take long before the 'National Bananas Front' also started their far better campaign: "Own Bananas First!"... More

CDAPVVD Clownpaign Tour: The Blond Parties want your vote! The Hague, Febr. 26th 2011

CDAPVVD Clownpaign Tour: The Blond Parties want your vote!

Febr. 26th 2011 - Next week (March 2nd) elections in the Netherlands: the provences and indirectly the senate. Unsure if the right-wing populist government will get a majority. So it's about time to give them some help! Rebel clowns started a promotion campaign for the CDAPVVD, the 3 in 1 party responsible for loads of measures coming our way. The Hague was the place to be... More