In May 2014 Rebelact will organise a serie of info nights about the present situation in Egypt. Maro, a female Egyptian activist and rebel clown, will give lectures on the recent developments... More



Thank you so much!

The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns would like to thank all people and organisations who gave a financial contribution or did anything else to help Rebelact!
We also thank the organisers of festivals, manifestations, conferences and demonstrations for their invitations to join!

We are grateful for the hospitality many people offered us in their homes and spaces in Aachen, Almere, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Brussels, Den Bosch, The Hague, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Venlo and Zaandam.
We had a safe rebel clown haven, could change clothes and got drinks, cookies and chocolate!

Several people gave or borrowed us special clothes: thanks!
A big thanks to our lawyer. He didn't clown around: all fines are gone now!
Last but not least we thank our beloved webdesigner: she did a great job!