In May 2014 Rebelact will organise a serie of info nights about the present situation in Egypt. Maro, a female Egyptian activist and rebel clown, will give lectures on the recent developments... More



You're warmly welcome to join the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns if you live in or nearby Amsterdam.
If the distance is bigger we could help you with starting your own local 'gaggle' (group of rebel clowns).

  1. Mail and surprise us with the reasons you wish to join Rebelact.
  2. You'll get a reply with an invitation to have a cup of clown coffee with one or a few of us.
  3. By these talks you'll get information about what it practically means to join Rebelact. Besides we get a beautifooool impression of you!
  4. We invite you for a 'training on the job' or ask you to wait till the next basic training. We call that the RABBIT-weekend, Rebel Act Big Basic intervention Training.
  5. If we get the impression you could start immediately by a 'training on the job' you'll learn the essential parts of the training by joining our meetings and interventions. The rest you'll get later during the RABBIT-weekend.
  6. If it should be better to first join the basic training you really need patience. We usually organise the basic training once a year.
  7. The basic training gives you the opportunity to experience rebel clowning without obligations. Afterwards you're able to decide: "Do I really want to join the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns?".
  8. Also the group gets an impression about you and is able to decide: "Do we want to invite that clown to join us?"
  9. You want to be with the clowns and the clowns want to be with you: you'll get an invitation to join the group.
  10. You start to join the group (like the ones invited for a 'training on the job') and enter a first period of about 3 months to experience the real thing. If you survive you'll be a fooooool member of Rebelact!




Pink rebel clown army 2010-06-13. Photo: Giuliano Pappadopoli

A pink rebel clown army leaves the rebel clown castle for the right cause on Sunday, June 13th 2010: protecting the manifestation against violence near the Homomonument in Amsterdam. Photo: Giuliano Pappadopoli