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The wall of the Revolution near Tahrir Square in Cairo

June 25th 2013 - Rebelact organised an info night in 'Joe's Garage' in Amsterdam on May 10th 2013 about the ongoing Egyptian revolution and the role of women in the revolution. Next to several subjects related to this title, Maro, an activist from Egypt also showed a video that evening and pictures from the wall in the Muhammed Mahmoud Street, a street very close to Tahrir Square.

That wall became a symbol of remembrance of the revolution. In 2012 police forces tried to remove the paintings, but people resisted; the wall in the Muhammed Mahmoud Street is still the place to remember the activists who were killed since the start of the revolution, January 25th 2011. Some of these martyrs were painted with small naturalistic portraits, others were painted like angels or in the way they were killed.

On the wall and the nearby roadblocks you could also see graffiti criticising President Morsi, Mubarak, Field Marshal Tantawi, the army, the police and the violence against women, the limited democracy and elections, etc.

One of the paintings presents the moment police forces attacked Ghada Kamal during a demonstration in December 2011. They partly undressed her and grabbed, slapped and beat her and another woman, who tried to help her when she saw the assault.

Some of these photographs have been previously published in VredesMagazine #3 2013

Photographer: Rebelact